Who The Huck with Crystal Legoffe

Meet Crystal Legoffe a passionate snowboarder pushing the limits on the slopes of Whistler. Crystal is someone who inspires others with her perseverance and drive. She truly lives that Huck Lifestyle. We met up with Crystal on Cheakamus Lake Trail to learn more about our first #WhoTheHuck feature ⬇️

Crystal Legoffe

Where are you from?

Whitehorse, Yukon (Territory above B.C. & beside Alaska)

How did you end up in Whistler?

I joined a local freestyle team in Whitehorse when I was 19. After a season riding and competing with them I decided to move to Whistler and join Whistler Valley Snowboard Club.

What do you love about Whistler?

What don't I love about Whistler? Riding more than 100 days a year, becoming friends and creating the best friendships I've ever had with people equally passionate about the outdoors and sports, and living in an extraordinary place … what's not to love?

Who do you ride with on a powder day?

Whoever is showing me the best pow stashes. My coach Rob Picard and dear friend Jack Spettigue always know where to get the goods... they also leave me in the dust and push me to pick good lines.

Park day?

I never make plans to meet people on hill, I ride with whoever is in the park and if I don't know anyone I'll lurk on a couple steezy riders and catch a chair with them. Usually I end up making new friends and having even more people to ride with next time! ( I love to make new friends on the chair )

How has this crew shaped your riding?

Riding with a variety of people and riding solo in and out of the park has been so good for my riding! First of all anyone I choose to ride with is having a great time and are always supportive and encourage me to try new things. I also get to see different styles and ways to do tricks that I might not have thought of on my own, ride new terrain and find more ways to love snowboarding and my life everyday.

Favourite Whistler competition?

I have a big soft spot for Whistler's King of the Rail Series in early season. My first winter in Whistler I attended this 3 part contest and met some people who have been a huge part of my life here in Whistler. Not only is this rail jam a blast, you also have an opportunity to meet so many great shredders right at the beginning of the season and win some cash.

Best trick this season in the park?

I did a lot of things I'm proud of this year but the most technical trick I landed was probably a Switch Back 2 onto a down tube. Or just a good ol' back board roast beef in the streets.

Take me back to last year’s Opening Day?

OH MAN. ENDLESS FACESHOTS. Opening weekend was CRAZY! One of my favourite powder weekends this year! I got the opportunity to ride with members of Spy Optics BC team and get the goods all day and also ride with some of my out of town shredder favourites, Jasper Fast & Joanna Li. There was so much snow at the end of November on Whistler we were even dropping cliffs. I don’t know if I'll ever have a better opening weekend 👊 

You have a First Tracks ticket (20 cm’s overnight) which mountain and run?

IF I do, I would start by heading up Whistler (if it’s a bluebird day) and sneaking all the waffles I could from the breakfast buffet to save for later. I would start the day with Roundhouse Roll and then get in-line for Peak Chair to hit up V.D. trees or Million Dollar or if I'm feeling active hike Flute Bowl OR Purple Haze on Blackcomb, basically anything steep and deep and I'll be happy.

You’ve had a few concussions riding, how have you battled this adversity?

Anyone who knows me knows that Crashstal is more than just a nickname. Concussions have seriously affected my life and caused problems for me like anxiety on snow, memory loss and mood swings. At times these side effects can be a battle but it's just apart of this sport when you decide to push yourself on snow. I can't say that continuing to ride is the best choice I can make for my brains health but it's the only choice I want to make. I would rather be living my life to the fullest every day than dreaming about the things I want to do.

How do you recover from these accidents?

The most important thing you can do for any injury is take the time to recover physically, but sometimes you will have mental barriers when you return to your sport. When I injured myself earlier this season and returned to snow I had the gnarliest anxiety I had ever felt just from being in Blackcomb Park (NOT EVEN RIDING FEATURES!! Just being there!). For me, personally to recover from my injuries I not only had to wait until my body was ready but scale back my riding and spend time getting comfortable on my board and on small features again. I think this was kind of a blessing for me though, it really encouraged me to be more creative with my riding, put more effort into being steezy with tricks I knew and learn smaller tricks that I had skipped over in the past.

What is it about snowboarding that drives your passion?

I love everything about snowboarding. I've made so many friends through this sport that will be apart of my life long after we are able to shred. I love that no matter what is going on in my life I can get on a chair and feel happy. The self satisfaction from working hard to land a new trick or shredding through thigh deep pow is the craziest high, it just fills your whole body with happiness. Chasing that high is why I can't quit and ended up here with so many wonderful experiences under my belt with so many more coming my way. NEXT UP SNOWBOARDING IN AFRICA! 

When Crystal isn't on the slopes she's working on her illustrations, collaborating on projects and hanging with the homies.