Who The Huck with Cassidy Elzinga

Meet Cassidy, a fashion influencer based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This story goes back to when Huck first started. We had received an email from a cinematographer named Nathan Javier and it read, "I'd love to showcase your product and highlight how it would fit into the Midwest." Sold! We sent Nate some of our proto-types and a couple weeks later we received a few videos and photos which led to this weeks Who The Huck. 

We were curious to meet the girl in all of Nate's work which led us to Cassidy. This past Spring will caught up with Cassidy to chat summer plans and what inspires her to create. 

Cassidy Rae

What is your go-to adventure in Michigan?

My favourite thing to do in Michigan would definitely be exploring through the woods and the beach. In Michigan, you can walk through the woods, climb a giant sand dune and end at the beach all in a 2 mile hike. I also love finding hammock spots at the top of the sand dunes. The hike to the top is pretty tiring but the view of the lake from a cozy hammock is so worth it once you get there. I also love sailing in Lake Michigan. 

How would you describe your style? 

Haha I don’t know if I really have a specific style. If I’m going on a hike with my friends and if we’re going to shoot, I’ll try to create an outfit that accentuates the colors of the scenery we’re shooting at. In Michigan, Winter clothing is more about staying warm than being stylish haha. But I’ll try and style outfits with beanies and by layering different textures and patterns. During the rest of the year I have a more nautical or bohemian style because I love being near the water so much. 

What inspires you to create?

I’m inspired to connect with people authentically and to share lessons that I’m learning in my life. I have super vivid dreams at night. I’ll wake up from a dream about a sailboat and realize later that my dream perfectly symbolized a lesson that I was learning in my life. So, I’ll create a design or write a song about the sailboat dream because it has a lot of meanings to me and might mean something to someone else as well!

Where does your creativity come from? 

Creating has always been a way for me to think and express feelings I haven’t been able to process into words yet. I was a really musical kid and ended up studying voice, piano and guitar through college. I would lose track of time playing and writing in the practice room because I would get lost in my thoughts. I create more with graphic design and photography now but it’s still a way for me to think and express my thoughts. 

Who took these photos? 

That would be my boyfriend, Nate! He was into vlogging when we were first dating so I got used to him having a camera out on some of our dates pretty quickly. Shooting on trips and hikes is really fun for us so it’s a cool thing when we can create content to help out brands that we like, like Huck Lifestyle. 

What does Huck Lifestyle mean to you?

For me, Huck is a brand for the people that will always be young at heart. It represents a lifestyle of playing outside and seeking adventure as much as possible.

Any big plans for the Summer?

I’m planning a couple camping trips in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Wisconsin and Montana! Camping with friends is my favorite thing to do in the summer.

Thanks for doing this Cassidy, and please come visit us in Whistler!