Cerritos Beach Dog Surf Competition

We collected some beta from the 4th Annual Dog Surf Contest at Cerritos Beach. After witnessing dogs charging sets and getting barrelled we decided to compile a list of the Top 5 Competitors on this weeks #OperationSend

SULLY was coming off a 1st place finish in a big surf contest in the US. Feeling pretty confident coming in, he seemed relaxed on the beach. Sully comes from a family of athletes and is definitely a crowd pleaser. The favourite leading into the 5th annual especially when you're moves include aerials and 360s- true story! 

HAOLE is a veteran, he has been surfing for around 5 years. Recently featured on Fox News at his local surf spot in Ventura and coming off a 2nd place in the big surf contest in the US. Hoale set the tone for the dogs on the beach with his calm, cool and collected attitude. 

Haole Dog Surfing Competition

Abbie hailing from San Diego has been surfing competitively for 10 years. Don't let her size fool you as Abbie holds 2 official Guiness World Records for surfing. Abbie is always chasing the waves from Southern Cali, Maui and the odd break out in Florida. Rescued from a shelter after being found in the middle of a busy highway. Abbie credits surfing for her increased confidence making her an even better contender at the 5th annual.  

PIRATA walked down the beach to attend the event. A local surfer with 11 years of experience is no stranger to this set of waves. Always searching for the best waves that will provide really long rides. Pirata is known for getting barrelled and pushing the competition further into the line-up.  

Pirata Dog Surfing

CALA has been surfing and swimming since she was 2 months old. No stranger to surfing the breaks in Cerritos and Todos Santos area surf. Cala is a passionate surfer and beginning to find her stride having won 1st place in the contest in 2016. 

Hope you enjoyed our round up of the 4th Annual Dog Surf Contest at Cerritos Beach to Benefit local dog rescue in Pescadero. If you happen to be in Mexico in June make sure to check out this event.